New Feature Page

   Dealing with loss is something that we all must undertake in our lives. While I keep my personal losses to myself, I am more than willing to share my public losses.

   For a while, I had a Pinterest page dedicated to those who had touched me at various points in my life, and had passed. It was very cathartic for me. Not many words, just a name and some dates. I am not eulogising them, or making a monument, but simply noting that they mean something to me. So up top you will find a link to my fallen “friends”: Lest We Forget

   This will be an ongoing project, unfortunately.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mazes & Mutants


   Today, we are enjoying another episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It’s a great episode that combines Dungeons & Dragons with our favorite four brothers.

   The description from TurtlePedia:

   The Turtles try to relax by playing a role-playing game called "Mazes & Mutants",
 but the game becomes real when Sir Malachi sends the Turtles into the game in order
 to make it through the maze, defeat the dragon, and save Princess April.


   Among the many entertaining treasures in this episode, Paul Rubens makes his debut on the show as “Sir Malachi”. That brought a new level of Plus One Awesome to the show, like Mikey’s ring.


   Unfortunately, unless you already own this episode, you can only watch by purchasing it from Amazon, Google Play, or iTunes. It’s worth the money, if you haven’t seen it, or even if you have. Break out your 20 sided dice and give it a roll, anything above a 1 is going to guarantee a great time during this episode.


Inhumans, the Moon, and Attilan?


   So news broke that the Inhumans would be, partially, taking place on the MOON! I have not been this excited about a setting since, well, ever. I was there [see image above] when the Fantastic Four, helped save Attilan by transporting it to the Moon. Specifically the “Blue Area” on the moon. Where there were ruins of an ancient civilization, surrounded by a pocket of atmosphere. These were the same ruins where the X-Men battled the Imperial Shiar Guard over the fate of Jean Grey. Jean, sacrificed herself, but she wasn’t the actual Jean Grey… THAT is another story.


   Anyhow, this story is one of the best that John Byrne ever penned, and drew. I know that it is far too much to ask that Fox give the FF back to Marvel for a proper tale of the Inhumans, but just the fact that there will be some Lunar action gives me hope that the true Inhumans will make an appearance in the MCU.

The Last Ninja (1983)

   Apart from a few of the more sensationalistic moments of the film, and the trope of a caucasian male inheriting the “power” of the Ninja, this is a pretty good film. It modernizes traditional training, endurance training. It has Mako, what else could you ask for😉

   There wasn’t any training in any of the Ryuha on screen, but they captured the essence of the Shinobi in a small way. I grew up as a Ninja fan, heck it was my gateway into the martial world in the mid 80’s. I won’t bore you with the names and detail, but it was a fun ride. In 2010, I finally found a teacher of the Bujinkan’s (武神館) 9 schools. Long story short, after  25 years of training, I finally found my home in Budo Taijutsu. Three years later, I had my Shodan license, and I still know very little.

   Watch the movie and enjoy!