May the Fourth Be With You!

Tom Baker, the Fourth Doctor

May the 4th Be with you!

   It’s not just for Star Wars fans. My first introduction to Doctor who was sometime in 1981 when I was on a trip to Oklahoma, visiting family. It was Tom Baker’s Doctor and I was instantly mesmerized by this funny looking man with the ridiculously long scarf. I now have all the episodes from his run (Peter Davidson’s too) and I can pin-point my first episode as The Face of Evil. I am one of those nerds that loves Star Wars, Star Trek and Doctor Who; toss in a huge helping of Marvel and DC comics (before the “New 52”) and you have me in a nerdy nutshell.

So what ever you are into, may the fourth be with you.

As you can tell, I really enjoy making cover images for my Facebook page. I created the Ewok image for my wife’s page 🙂