Oh My….



So George Takei used an image I made and shared with him for one of his posts. This was the image that greeted his fans and followers this morning on Facebook. I created it after watching him on an episode of “Supa Ninjas”. George is a great guy and very personable. I met him many years ago at a convention in Reno, NV. He took the time to talk to everybody who came to get his autograph. I’ve since misplaced my photo of him but I may find it yet. Once I do I’ll scan it and share.

It may seem like this is no big deal to some folks but to me it means the world. It is even better than when William Shatner re-tweeted me and zinged me in the same tweet last month! I am having a heck of a Trekkie Spring. 

Anyhow… this made my 4th and was a wonderful post birthday present 🙂

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