The Fabric of Space, Time and Dimensions Unfold…

24 Dec 1977   I am a geek. Like bow-ties and apparently the fez, geeks are now cool. Like many of my friends I enjoy multiple genres such as Science Fiction, Science Fact, Fantasy, Art, Military history, Martial Arts ( I practice Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and, when asked, teach Wing Chun Kuen Concepts), Philosophy, Zen, Physics and Technology. By day I am a geek, struggling to get by, find a job, build & test websites/apps and sell stuff online to support my family (a geek wife, geek dog and geek bird).

   On this bog, well… I promise nothing spectacular. Every now and then I\’ll point something cool out that I find, even if it has been pointed out ad nauseam on millions of sites before mine. I will also write about gaming experience and give my reactions to comic book news and movies (or shows). Nothing special or too original. I might share some items that I am offering in my Etsy shop, such as vintage Kenner from the late 70\’s and early 80\’s. Who knows, I may even share some of my artwork.

   This bLog is my way, short of tweeting and doing the Facebook thing, of unifying my diverse field of interests. If you dig anything I dig, hit me up with a like or a follow and I shall endeavor to reciprocate the kindness.

Until then, Live Long & Prosper and May the Force Be with You.

Darran Hight (@Jedi_Knut)