Young Justice Batman Redesign


   This one was a warm up. I think I added too much detail, I got a bit carried away. The original base was a Young Justice Batman. This is just my take of this awesomely rendered and animated version of Batman. This took about seven hours in total to produce. Now that it is twelve hours later I am seeing imperfections and a few missed high-lights here and there. C’est la vie.

I used three different programs to edit this image in multiple layers. Corel’s Paint Shop Pro X2, JASC’s Paint Shop Pro 7.0 and Adobe Photo Shop 9.0 CS2.

Original artwork by Jerome K Moore. Batman, Bruce Wayne and all related images
are the copyrighted property of DC Comics, and Warner Bros Animation.

P.S. sorry for the double post, but the original “Re-blog” option just didn’t look right and felt somewhat lazy.

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