Geek or Not, Saving Mrs. Banks Looks Great!

   There are no Superheroes, no Sci-fi gear or ships, no creatures of myth or fantasy to be found, yet this movie looks to be one of the best things that Mr. Hanks has done in a very long time. I saw the still of the film with a small synopses yesterday and I was sold there and then. This afternoon I was delighted (yes, delighted) to see a trailer released for the film. If the movie is half as good as the trailer then it will be a hit for sure. I didn’t get to the theater to see many of the films that I wanted to int he last 9 months but this film will get me there, with smuggled homemade, healthy snacks and water (Paleo lifestyle stuff).

“Saving Mrs. Banks” is going rank high on my Geek list this year.