Fox, X-Force, really?

123_Uncanny_X_Force_4Bleeding Cool writes, “This past week or so, we’ve been “off camera,” chasing rumours that Fox are on the verge of announcing plans for their extended X-Men movie universe. We were tipped off that they will – unsurprisingly – be using their panel at Comic-Con as the launch pad.”

Rob Liefeld Confirms Upcoming X-Force Movie

   Hmmm. This geek remembers a show called “Mutant X”, which had NOTHING to do with the awesome alternate reality that Alex Summers, a.k.a. Havock, was trapped in. What? You don’t remember that one? Consider yourself very fortunate, indeed. What about the little gem known as “Generation X”, a made for TV movie on Fox in the mid-1990’s? How about that wonderful FOX universe that my beloved X-Men are trapped in? OK, the first Brian Singer film was pretty good but the rest were progressively awful. I still hold out hope for the new Wolverine movie.

   All of this aside, there have been so many incarnations of “X-Force” that I, highly, doubt that can come up with a synthesis that would make anybody happy. This will include those wonderful men in the suits who see nothing but dollar signs everywhere they look, but are always left scratching there heads when popular characters fail them at the box office (due to them “tweaking” things they don’t know or care about). Fox has a poor track record at best.

   I have a bad feeling about this.