Batman Reboot; Life After Nolan’s Films


   Over at “Batman On Film” they’ve posted this story: “BATMAN BEYOND A Reboot Possibility for Batman on Film? ” Some of the die-hard fans of Nolan’s Batman universe are still whining about how Bale won’t come back, but he could IF Nolan was to return for a fourth and yadda yadda yadda. I’m over it. No more Nolan, no more Bale… OK. They did there thing and it was AWESOME. Now, as my teacher would say, it is time to go on to the NEXT.

I am not attached to any outcome, or at least I try my best not to be. While there must be dozens, if not tens of dozens, of reboot ideas for Batman I think Batman Beyond would be an excellent choice. It would be a safe choice too. It doesn’t have to have Bale just some old cranky geezer as Bruce Wayne. I am sure there are plenty of big-name actors in their twilight years who would love to have a mentor role to the next Batman. Let’s face it, a Gotham City 40 – 50 years in the future would be far more acceptable to an audience who wants nothing more than the WB/Nolan machine to crap out another gold bar for them to marvel at. The world of Batman Beyond would be a far more fascinating and fresh start for the property. When that is finished then you can, easily, go back and recreate the Bat with all new actors, new gear and more new adventures.

I shudder to think about the mass suicides that will inevitably occur when Downey steps down from his role as Tony Stark.