Hasbro’s Online Store Offering the “Black Series” Now

Hasbro’s Online Store Offering the “Black Series” Now

   Good News Everyone… Hasbro’s online store has finally come out of 1999! Wow, that Y2K bug was really something, huh? OK, all joking aside their site looks quite a bit better now. I would change the background a bit more but that is just me.

   Anyhow, they are offering the “Black Series” (6 inch figures, some of which are not that great) on their site now. For ages they have not really offered anything that new and just kept offering peg-warmers. Although there is no sign of Boba Fett, yet, I am confident that they will be offering one soon.

(EDIT) Heh… I spoke too soon. This is the page where they highlight the products AND send you to where you can purchase them. There actual online shop is still rubbish 😉