Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox

   I have been fortunate enough to have an early view of  “Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox”. No spoilers here so read on. Not that there can be very many spoilers since the direct market movie follows the “Flashpoint” mini series (by Johns, Kubert and Hope) pretty closely, for the most part.

   First, the character designs… I really wasn’t too keen on them. They were very Street Fighter from the 1990’s. No, really. The large jaws and the Rob Liefeld proportions (nothing against Rob’s style, heck he gets paid for what he does so good on him) just put me off a bit.  The story was pretty good, again it follows the established “Flashpoint” mini from a few years ago. For the time constraints, I really appreciated how they treated the material. The voice acting was pretty good. Some of the voices didn’t seem to go together with the characters but only for a few of them. Kevin Conroy was back as Bruce Wayne/Batman… ’nuff said. Finally the action was very entertaining. There was a lot going on but not too much. It didn’t become overwhelming for me in the least but for my wife, who was forced to endure the screening with me, it was another story.

   Having my wife watch the show along with me allowed me to gauge what an uninitiated viewer thought about the show. Now she is a Sci-Fi geek and loves to watch the straight to DVD Superhero shows almost as much as I do. Having said that, she doesn’t read comics. She had no clue as to where the story was going to go. Like me, she didn’t think much about the character designs. Nor did she like the story line. She couldn’t get passed the “Super-Friends” fighting each other, let alone killing each other. There was enough going on to keep her attention, sometimes too much, but overall she didn’t like the show at all.

This will end up in my library but it won’t be one that I pop in on a rainy day for some fun entertainment. Watch it for yourself. It is worth it unless you didn’t like “Flashpoint” then don’t pick this one up. Wait for the next one, “Justice League: War”, which will be sew in the current “New 52” era of the league. Check out a bit about it right here: http://geektyrant.com/news/2013/7/22/sneak-peek-at-justice-league-war-animated-film