Goings On Here at the Quantum Cave…

   If you have noticed, my posting volume has dropped considerably along with my art. Real life has reared its ugly head and it can’t be ignored, this time. We are in the beginning of a month long relocation effort from Northern California, back to Southern Oregon. Not only will we be moving back to my wife’s hometown of Grants Pass, I will be employed again. Being employed, for an undetermined period, will also affect my time blogging and expressing my geekness online with the rest of my fellow geeks. It has been a very long time since I held down a paying position so I am very excited about that. Inevitably this position is temporary and I will be searching for a permanent position and continue to find more contract work when and where I can get it. My WordPress app for my phone will be getting some test driving pretty soon. In the meantime, please bear with me as the great upheaval approaches.  Until then I will continue to watch my shows (Beware the Batman, Avengers Assemble, Top Gear UK, etc) , read my comics and collect/sell my Kenner action figures all while consuming copious amounts of COFFEE.

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