Star Wars: Episode VII News Makes Me Sad

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

  So here is the thing… Star Wars was cast with a load of, what were essentially, unknown actors. Sure They did other things before Star Wars but Harrison, Mark and Carrie were still fresh faces. Along with those three newcomers there were two strong anchors, Sir Alec Guinness and Peter Cushing. These last two actors gave the film some “gravitas”. This is a winning formula. It even served the franchise well in the prequel films, albeit to a much larger scale.

   This brings me to my sadness. All of these reports/rumors about large name actors being placed in main character roles is really depressing. I realise that since George sold off the Galaxy, Far… Far Away, that the corporate monster that is Disney (no longer the heart filled warm and fuzzy machine that Walt built) now wants to capitalise on every part of the Star Wars universe and make as much as they possibly can out of the future films. I don’t have any issues with making money. I do have issues with assembly line garbage being trotted out to the mass market consumer. Just because there is a pretty face selling the shiny content in a stunning package doesn’t always mean that is it worth the price.

   I am a geek, I understand other geeks. I also get that some of these big named actors are geeks too. If that is the case then my tone changes. If they want to be in a Star Wars film then I can more than understand that since I would too. If it is just another job and they are being attached to the film to boost the money potential with their “star power” then we have a problem.

I could be totally wrong. This could be the way to go forward and bring Star Wars to even more people. Honestly, though, if you have not “gotten” Star Wars yet then you never will. There is a concept here that works on several levels and it has never faltered. Disney Studios needs to recognize this and allow it to be as organic as it was meant to be. You don’t need big names in anything but supporting roles. Star Wars is about the little unknown, unremarkable, individual who becomes more than he/she, or anybody else, believed he/she could be (bad or good).

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  1. I had pretty much the same reaction, and was about to fire out a post myself but I think you’ve summed up how I feel. Industry bean-counters, wanting to make everything as accessible as possible to any demographic. I have no problem with the casting news opening the franchise up to more people, as long as it doesn’t mess with an original, and already successful formula. Time will tell I guess, but yeah, news was met with trepidation from me.

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