So, Batman Zero Year…

   Yet another rehashing of the origin of the Bat. Yep, but honestly it looks like a great rehashing of Bruce’s long road to become the consummate crime fighting capped crusader. I like Batman. It seems as if I like Batman in any form. From the Serious & gritty Dark Detective to the campy Silver Age, outrageous, adventures. So far there has only been one version of Batman that I didn’t like and I have not seen it, other than publicity shots, that would be the pron parody of it. Not my thing.

   Anyhow, BATMAN. This primal force of nature that kicks the crap out of bad guys of all levels. From muggers to super villains. Batman. Who can strike fear in the hearts of superstitious criminals everywhere. Yes, Batman.

   Zero Year will run for a year in the current issues of Batman, which began in #23. I would like it to be an extended mini series, beyond the main title book, so we can really get a vivid image of what it took to become the Bat. Has it been done to death? Yes. Yet that is the thing about great Myths. We keep retelling them over and over. From the tales of Heracles to hearing stories in churches every Sunday, or whenever you go. We love our myths, fairytales and science fiction. The greatest ones have a bit of truth in them and becoming the Bat is more grounded in reality than other heroes out there on the market.

   Batman, Zero Year should continue to be a great read and I am looking forward to sitting down with it each Sunday (if I can wait that long to read it) with a hot cup of Caf and enjoying it.