Jon M. Chu Talks G.I. Joe 3


Jon M. Chu Talks G. I. Joe 3 – Roadblock, Colton Returns – GI Joe News.

   Like many things, I am tardy to the party for these movies. I didn’t see the first G.I. Joe (The Rise of Cobra) until this evening. There are some things that I still can’t get over. Yes, I am speaking of the LIPS on Snake Eyes. THAT, and only that, was the reason why I never bothered with the film.

   That was then and this is now. I broke down and watched it. Why? Did somebody digitally edit out those horrible lips molded into Snake Eyes’ balaclava? No, but that is a smashing idea that some enterprising fellow Geek should endeavor to attempt. I watched the first film because a few hours earlier I really enjoyed seeing the second.

   Retaliation was action packed and very entertaining. I am still unsure why they delayed the release of the movie for almost a full year after it was scheduled to be premiered. The toys were on the shelves, ready for the upcoming Summer release of 2012. That Summer came and went with no movie and no second season of the well made animated show, G.I. Joe: Renegades, that we were promised.

   Now we are primed for an even wilder ride that will be G.I. Joe 3. I’ll be re-enlisting for this next tour for sure. Hoo-Ahh!