Marvel’s Avengers Alliance

Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

   Avengers Alliance is one of my guilt-free pleasures on Facebook. I am a Geek. Everybody knows I am a Geek. I don’t hide that. I dig Marvel and DC heroes. I also like to play Facebook games. Win, win for me. No guilt here. I’ve even purchased “gold” from time to time to pick a a favorite hero or two.

   Those people who don’t play them because they are above that sort of thing are pretty funny. They put more effort into not playing them and letting everybody know that they don’t play them than they actually would if they just “pulled the stick out of their butts” and played. Some folks don’t have the time and I get that. 

   I digress… this is about my love for a very simple game that can be casually played and can be as simple or as strategic as you wish it to be. A “wallet warrior”, a term I saw on the Playdom Avengers Alliance forums, I am not but I don’t look down on those folks either. Everybody should play however they want to play. Have fun and enjoy life the way you want.

  I play AA on FB and PWN NPCs and do pretty OK in PVP 😉 Join me there!