My Vintage Kenner Millenium Falcon on Ebay!

My Vintage Kenner Millenium Falcon on Ebay!

   My vintage, Kenner (1979) Millenium Falcon is on the block and has one day, six hours left. The bidding is low because I only started her out at $14.99 to create some buzz. The shipping is set at $18.13 because that is exactly what it would cost us to ship it, according to

  • The majority of the decals are there.
  • The landing struts are all stable.
  • The Jedi Remote Ball is included.
  • The original instruction sheet is included.
  • The Cockpit “hinge” is still in one piece and shows no cracking.
  • Original Box.

   I have been dragging my feet on selling the piece but our upcoming move demands that I do so. So here she is, in all of her glory. She will be missed. We’ll always have the Kessel Run, sweetheart.