The Speed Force is Strong with this One.


   If you are like me, you enjoyed the Flash back in 1990. No, it wasn’t all that accurate. Yes, it was corny. BUT, it was the Flash on TV with real people acting. I still liked it. Batman, the movie, did so well in 1989 that it spawned this idea that Superheroes can sell in Prime Time. The only problem with that was the “Suits” in charge are always tweaking things and putting their ignorant noses in where they are not needed. Either way, I really enjoyed the suit he wore and the actor who wore it.

   Now we hear that we may be getting a new Scarlet Speedster on our televisions! The CW is having so much success with Arrow, which is Superhero TV done right, that they wish to expand the DC Universe on their network. If it is anything like Arrow then I am %100 behind it. We’ll see if the pilot is ordered then if that does well we can expect to see another quality show coming to our televisions soon. I hope to see it in a “FLASH“!

On NewsArama: THE FLASH, BARRY ALLEN Running to Live-Action on CW Thanks to ARROW’s Success

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