Fox’s Marvel Cinematic Universe with X-Men and FF


Fox is starting its own Marvel cinematic universe with X-Men and FF.

   Is anybody else underwhelmed by this revelation? I know I am. The sheer fact that there will be no actual cross-over between the two teams makes this “news” so pointless that it can smoothly roll uphill. Hey Fox, you like money? I am sure that you do. Allow Marvel to make your Marvel movies for you and you will see money raining from the sky.


   See how easy that was? Now imagine if you actually did that. Then it would be a real person giving you real money. Cool, huh?

5 Replies to “Fox’s Marvel Cinematic Universe with X-Men and FF”

  1. I liked the first X-Men and first FF films. They were different and I was ok with that. It all went wrong from there on. The X-Men films do nothing but get worse with every film and we’ve seen how far the FF went. I am open to a reboot, but I have very low expectations that Fox can do any of these characters justice.

    A few months ago I revisited Corman’s original FF film and it wasn’t as bad as I remember. Roger Corman actually was very faithful to the franchise. If somebody can get the rights to that version and CG the heck out of it then I think it could beat anything that Fox has done, Marvel-wise, to date.

    1. Wooooa there. Let’s slow it down fella. I love me some Roger Corman and the Black Scorpion is one of my favorite super hero movies of all time, but his FF was one of the most godawful movies ever made.

      The first FF was good for what it was. Alba was horrid and I didn’t like their take on doom, but I thought Gruffud was great and Chiklis and Evans made the movie. Hell the two of them made the second one kinda tolerable.

      Rise of the Silver Surfer was garbage. X2, was great. X-men 3 was garbage. I thought First Class was great despite my early apprehension about Mcavoy as Prof. X. I hate that the DOFP movie seems like it will be pushing the First Class guys aside in favor of more Wolverine, like he is not woefully overexposed as it is.

      1. I used to think it was one of the worst too (Lou Ferrigno’s Hercules will always occupy that number one worst slot or me). Like I said, I revisited it and found some really good points to the movie. I expected to be talking MST3K trash throughout most of it but it has some good qualities. The technology wasn’t there, the costumes were really bad but the acting wasn’t as bad as the bits and pieces I’ve seen of “Twilight”. If it has been a while, download a good copy (there is one floating around out there) and give it another go.

        I have to agree… Chiklis and Evens captured the relationship of Ben and Johnny perfectly. They are two great actors who can actually act.

        I take these movies as alternate dimensions to the books that I love. That is the only way I can possibly enjoy them. X2 was ok for me and I may have watched it three times now. X3… N E V E R H A P P E N E D 😀 I didn’t bother seeing First Class because I can only go so far into an alternate reality before my brain explodes. I have yet to see the last Wolverine but I was unfortunate enough to see the first one so I’ll wait for Netflix on that.

      2. First Class is great despite the death of one team member whose power by definition should have prevented it. The latest Wolverine was OK….really did not like the epic ninja scene bait and switch they did. And the chick playing Viper was horrible.

        Nothing to rush out to the theater for by any means. Just Red Box it sometime.

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