Sleepy Hollow on Fox

   So while watching football, yesterday, I saw a commercial for Sleepy Hollow. I didn’t watch it last week when it premiered. I knew about it from a few sites but it didn’t grab my attention until the advertisement. I promptly found the show on Hulu and my wife and I watched it. It seems that since Once Upon a Time (ABC) became popular with it’s fairytale characters and fantasy action that opened the door for other prime-time shows based in fantasy, legend and mythology like Sleepy Hollow. I am not much on Judeo-Christian mythology but I have to admit that this show grabbed my attention. The time period of the colonies and the War of Independence has always been an interest of mine. While the show started stronger than it ended it has potential, and we’ll be watching the second episode this evening to see if it is worth revisiting each week.

   It’s has been a very long time since there has been a reason to watch anything on the main networks on a Monday, let alone Fox at all, other than sports.