Once Upon a Time Gathers the A-Team of Fairytales

   When the show first began I wasn’t all that into it. My wife, on the other hand, loved the whole thing from start to finish. So as the old saying goes “Happy wife, happy life.” Now the damn show has pulled me in. Well it had been ever since the end of the first season. As far as last night’s premiere I wasn’t too impressed with Pan, the actual flesh and blood Pan not the shady specter that rips peoples shadows from them. Other than that and the glowing mermaids, who are apparently related to the vampires from “Twilight”, I enjoyed the show. I am really excited to see more of Mulan and Robin Hood in the mix and hope that they have larger parts to play in the unfolding story. Also the dynamic of heroes working hand in hand with villains is pretty interesting. I am not sure how it will all play out but it should be a fun ride.

   ABC is really producing some great stuff and I hope they continue the trend 🙂