Ted Kord to return to DC Universe in ‘Forever Evil’ #7

Ted Kord to return to DC Universe in ‘Forever Evil’ #7

   Ted Kord has always been a character that I have taken for granted. A wealthy futurist, he is more of a light-hearted Batman. In 2005 DC killed him off in their universe (proper) and now they’ll be bringing him back to their New 52 universe. Have they heard the pleas of the fans of this BB? Are they looking for another way to boost their profits and readership? Do they need another patch in a sinking life-boat? No matter what the reason, or excuse, I hope they don’t fiddle with him too much to try to make him edgy and “relevant” to today’s reading audience. Ted is cool and perhaps he can rebuild the bridges from the past that DC has so tried to vaporise.