My #Gremlins #Rant: Gremlins is being #Rebooted. What?

ImageHere we go… 

   So I read that Gremlins is being Rebooted by Warner Bros. Why? Why does the entertainment industry constantly scrap shows just to retool them (badly I might add)? For what reason would you take a fun movie, like Gremlins, and toss it out the window just to rehash it? We live in such a disposable society where the powers at be have no idea as to how to come up with either an original idea or a way to continue a story in any intelligent way. Gremlins was released on June 8th, 1984 so this makes it its 30th anniversary year. I would love to see some of the original actors, those who still live (obviously) finding themselves in another adventure with Gizmo. 

   Is Gremlins my favorite movie of all time? Well, no. I have not even seen it more than 4 or 5 times in the past 30 years. After the “cut and run” tactics on a few of my favorite shows and the horrible remakes of some of my most enjoyed movies, I have had enough. I know that this rant will add up to less than nothing but I feel better having expressed my annoyance. 

   No matter how the next Star Wars trilogy goes there will be one thing that I am very happy with… they will not be remakes, they will be a continuation with a firm anchor in the past.