Quantum Multiverse’s one year #Anniversary is today. Excelsior!

Image   So today my bLog turns one! My longest running project on the internet in years. It combines a little of my business with a lot of my passions in life. For me this bLog has been less of a “look at me and despair” or “see how Fracking Cool I am“, it has been an outlet of my nerditude and geekness. In this format I get to reach out to other geeks and make connections that just are not possible anywhere other than a local comic book shop. We just recently ticked over 5k in visitors and I hope to keep that trend going.

   Thanks for joining me on this ride and keep coming back for more geeking out and nerdgasms. This coming year I would like to invite a few guest authors to join in my fun and maybe I’ll get a few interviews up if certain things line up properly .

   Excelsior, Live Long, Prosper and May the Force be with You… Nuff’ Said. 

Darran “@Jedi_Knut” Hight