#GIJoe Operation: Snake Eye’s Reassignment

C-5 Snake Eyes 1983 "Swivel Arms"  on Etsy
C-5 Snake Eyes 1983 “Swivel Arms” on Etsy

   So I made the decision on this piece and I am finally selling it. When the 3¾” G.I. Joe line came out in 1982 it captured my imagination. Not only were these action figures and play sets cool but they were the EXACT scale as my beloved Star Wars figures. Hasbro really was smart by going that rout. Of all of the figures, Snake Eyes really stood out. He “spoke” to me. He wasn’t leading the charge but he always got attention. Even as I type this, the twelve year old in me is screaming, NoooOoooOooo. *sigh*

Isn’t it odd how, as collectors, we can become so attached to things made of plastic, wood and paper? When you throw in a strong sense of nostalgia then the feelings are intensified ten fold. Irrational or “it is what it is”? When you make your livelihood, in part, by selling off your own childhood memories it can be fun, profound and a melancholy event, depending on the piece. You will always have the memories of the good times you had when you had the item in question but it acts like a physical anchor to that past. Oh well, enough waxing on about such things. Time to move forward ^_^

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