Top-Ten DC Heroes #9: Nightwing

   Richard “Dick” Grayson. The original Robin. The consummate sidekick. Known best as Nightwing and leader of the Teen Titans, Dick is one of the best heroes that DC has to offer. He made a pretty good Batman for a time too. Now, after his supposed death in “Forever Evil”, Dick Grayson has now assumed a role as a “Secret Agent”. Where will that new profession take him? I’ll be reading to find out 🙂

Here In Duckburg

9. Nightwing

Believe it or not, there was a time when Batman smiled, and one of the things you just knew made him the proudest (amidst the grief of watching the closest thing he has to a son move on) was seeing Dick Grayson grow into his own man, at least, Pre-Crisis.  And indeed, one of the things that puts Nightwing at #9 on my Top-Ten is Graysons rich history.  Be it as a vital member of the “Flying Graysons” that he took so much joy in, to the bright eyed lad that faithfully fought crime for years at Batman’s side as Robin, to his role as Nightwing and leader of the Teen Titans and beyond, Grayson is one of the most pivotal, well respected, and experienced  figures in the DCU and he managed to “graduate” into the big leagues by unassumingly being one of the best there is.


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