First Look: #WonderWoman in ‘#Batman v. #Superman’

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Gal Gadot as Xena… I mean Dianna.
Cory Everson
Cory Everson

   This is a week old now and I can post without any knee-jerk opinion. Apart from the overly dark world that is portrayed all over the DC Movie Universe, which is so unlike what the DCU was, I like the direction that they went with Gal Gadot’s outfit. Personally it is far too close to Xena’s look from the old 90’s TV show and didn’t go far enough into ancient Grecian style. I am done ranting about how they picked a skinny petite woman over, what should be, a larger woman in the vein of Cory Everson. I reserve judgment for how well Ms. Gadot does as Dianna. If comic book movies have taught us one thing, they have taught us to not cry FAIL until the movie has been released… remembering the public outcry of Michael Keaton being revealed as the star in Batman (1989).

Here are a few other options for Dianna’s cinematic look: