The Downside of #Superpowers

Jack King Kirby's super power was to convey and evoke emotion.
Jack King Kirby’s super power was to convey and evoke emotion.

   While most see the upside of having powers, this blogger delves into the consequences of having those powers. If anybody has really paid attention to Peter Parker over the years they will see just how crappy super powers can be. Now if you just don’t give a damn about those around you then you can just be yourself like Tony Stark. Marvel deals with superhero angst far better than DC, so more Marvel characters come to mind when thinking about this blog post. Only after Jack Kirby left Marvel for DC do we see more heroes with that angst in their every-day lives.

   Remember, no good deed goes unpunished.

Author D. Marie Prokop- YA Sci/Fi and Children's Fiction

Wish you had superpowers? Do you want invisibility, so you can be introverted and extroverted at the same time? Flight, so you can travel the world for free? Or mind control, so you can, well, control minds? Maybe you should reconsider…

There’s a downside to having super abilities.  As Uncle Ben is famous for saying- “with great power comes great responsibility.” But the massive burden of moral responsibility isn’t the only thing weighing superheroes down. Let me list a few of the drawbacks of Superhero status-

1.) Life goes on. Life isn’t easier just because you’re super. For example,  Ben Grimm, The Thing, is super strong and made of rock. This presents some difficulties in his social life. Kids mock him. The Torch marries his girl. Life’s not perfect simply because you can lift cars with one hand. Uncle Ben still dies. And Aunt May needs you, even if your…

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