Legend of Korra Season 4 begins in October!


   Avatar the Legend of Korra has been confirmed to be in its final season. It begins in October! It seems like just last month left us with an incredible season 3 finale… oh wait, it was. So why is Nickelodeon in such a rush to dump Korra? I have no idea. She is smart, pretty, sweet… umm, well two out three and all of that. Korra kick major ass and I’ll be watching the final season, which shall be found only online.

   Nickelodeon is also airing back to back seasons of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Two major differences are, TMNT are still being aired on their cable channel and TMNT are HUGE money makers in every thing you can possibly imagine to market. I’ve just discovered how great the new Turtles are and will be ready for the new season, also to air in October.