Will Spider-Man join the Avengers on screen? That’s a tangled web …

   This is a no-brainer. It is like 20th Century Fox owning the release rights to the original Star Wars Trilogy. All parties will eventually come together and hammer out a deal because of the almighty dollar.

Me: So, Mr. Suit, do you like money?

Suit: Why yes. I love money more than my own reproductive organs.

Me: So how about you allow Marvel to make Spider-Man the way they only can and make you a BUTT LOAD of cash?

Suit: Caaaaaasssssshhhhh…. (read with Homer Simpson drooling inflection).

   You get the idea. Cash is king and it is good to own as much of the king as possible in the business world of (insert any business here). You, like I, may despise the Mr. (Ms. & Mrs. for that matter) Suit but they are the ones who pull the trigger on good and bad deals. They can either be a drunken monkey with a hair trigger or a highly trained Sniper. The choice is theirs. May they choose wisely.