10 Stealthy & Dangerous Ninja Tools

1422529431-2   I am not sure, as a Bujinkan member, of the validity of a few of these but the rest are dead-on ningu (tools) that the people of Iga and Koga would utilize. These are people who thought outside of the box so it would surprise me if they were all, indeed, factual.

Ninpo Ikkan!



Growing up in the 90s, I was raised with the notion that ninja were teenage turtles, silent assassins or similar to the characters in Naruto. As much as we’d like to believe these were the reality, according to an interesting article from Listverse, the ninja that actually roamed the streets and castles as spies and assassins were humans who didn’t always dress in black (apparently they wore dark blue), and they didn’t regularly use the famous weapons we know so well.

So, if they weren’t using shuriken and long swords all of the time, what did they use? Researchers have been investigating the ancient style for decades and have uncovered some pretty amazing and ingenious items that you would never even dream of. There are probably thousands of ninja tools and techniques out there, but we’ll just focus on the few that Listverse brought into the open.

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