Marvel’s Merchandise Plan for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron:’ ‘Make the Big Bigger’

   It may just be me but I feel like everything has been leveraged to the hilt and over merchandised. I am not complaining… OK maybe I am just a bit, but I come from the tail end of an era that had very little official merchandising. You had some Cartoon & TV stuff and some random Superhero stuff, then STAR WARS came out and changed the whole game. It was still not very little in the beginning compared to the early 90’s, so it left us hungry for more. We had to wait for more, and wait we did. Our patients was paid off after a time. Now I feel like we are drowning in a corporate landslide of cheap junk.

   I love the movies, the shows, cartoons. comics, and some games. As far as anything else, I just can’t bring myself to buy into it. I prefer vintage items that I love to collect as well as sell. When this stuff is vintage there will be no market for any of it because of the sheer mass quantity that they are producing.

   Well if you are a kid then this is a great time for you! If you are a parent or an overly impulsive nerd who has to collect everything and the variants… time to get another job or win the lottery.