Quantum Multiverse: Celebrating Its Second Year

   So 30, June 2015 will mark the second year that Quantum Multiverse will have existed as a blog on WordPress! I’ve had websites dedicated to Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and other random Geekery since 1995. From Dial-Up on AOL and Compuserve to my current ADSL connection, there has been some sort of site that I’ve worked on to share my passion about all things Nerdy. Heck, I still remember my stuff being hosted on Geocities. Those were the days.

   I’ve been known for working hard on a project, finishing then scrapping it to move on to the next one. Websites, like drawing or graphics, were always like art to me. If it was mine then anything went, and when I grew tired of it… it went. This site was different. One, it was based on WordPress, a stable blogging platform that is VERY flexible. Two, it wasn’t a version of WP that was installed on my personal server which was a pain in the ass and something that I will never do again due to random malicious attacks.

   So here we are at two years and the artist in me has zero desire to move on to the next platform, or style, or whatnot. That is an incredible step. From time to time I change the theme and graphics up a bit but the core of the blog stays the same, my enjoyment of all things Geek.

   I hope that you’ll hang out with me and share your sites and loves with me. As much as sharing my interests, I enjoy hearing about yours’ too ^_^

Live Long, Prosper and May the Force be with You.