Art: Lazy, Uninspired or Simply Resting on My Laurels

11×15 Hawkman 1994 (?)

   Back in the heady days before I was tethered to a computer for all of my graphic and entertainment needs, I read paper comics and drew. I drew a lot. Now I wasn’t the best, but it was something that I enjoyed. I really miss that process of imagination to paper. I have a drawing tablet but it isn’t as free flowing as the pencil and pen. The up-side is that it is easier to re-tool an image to correct it. Over the last year, I’ve collected items to get back into traditional drawing again, and I have done a few pieces. It just feels forced. I thought I would write about it as a method of discovering the reasons but I just am recreating the frustrations that I face while looking at the blank paper on my drawing board off to my left, at the moment. Perhaps it is a case of “You can never go home.” and, I guess, that is OK. I’ll wait until it’s organic.

My anatomy isn't quite right but here is my Flash...
My anatomy isn’t quite right but here is my Flash…

UPDATE: So Today I did this one of Kevin Smith while listening to FatMan on BatMan…

My Muse for the day.
My Muse for the day.

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