“Legends of the #Superheroes”: An Odyssey Better Left Unfinished

Legends of the Superheroes - TV Guide ad 1   The best thing that happened on TV when I was nine. It was January, 1979, and there were two hour long shows. One aired per week on NBC. I was able to see the first and was SUPER excited to watch the second part. Well, because I don’t remember the details, I lost my TV privileges, and wasn’t able to watch the second part. My life was over! There wasn’t this widespread device called a VCR, at least not in my life. Once something was on TV as a “Special Event” that was it, game over if you missed it. It sucked to be me. Who knows, I could have become s much more than what I am today! DAMNITALL!

   Fast forward to, roughly, 2004-ish, my internet was still dial-up, due to where I was living, and I had just discovered that both parts of this were being offered as something called a “torrent”. I had no clue what that was so I dug deeper and discovered that I couldn’t access it. Enter my best friend, since we were 12, I asked him to download the episodes and he agreed to. He was interested too so it was a win – win. Right? Well… no. He told me to not expect too much out of the show. Did I listen? Hell no! My inner nine year old was already to, FINALLY, complete the journey that he had set out on a quarter of a century earlier.

Legends of the Superheroes - TV Guide ad 2


   Oh HELL No.

    It. Was. AWEFUL.

   You see, the second part involved a celebrity type roast, hosted by the incomparable Ed McMahon.  Ummm… What the fuck? Yep. Not cool at all.

   The moral of this tale, True Believers, is that I may have ended up in prison if I had been able to watch this in 1979. I can fire it up now, laugh and crack a shit ton of jokes about it, so it does have its place; that place isn’t nostalgia-island. If you are curious about this two part show, check the link bellow!

Source: Noblemania: Super ‘70s and ‘80s: “Legends of the Superheroes”—introduction