Saturday Morning Cartoon Challenge

CoverImage-790x428   As a few of you know, I was born in 1970. Saturday morning cartoons were already of, almost any American kid’s childhood. Until a few years ago it still was. I will admit that there were a few shows I would watch and enjoy. Once the tradition died, though, there was this gaping hole. Sure I could go out and play, or work on a “Honey-Do” list, but damnit if I didn’t miss those damn shows.

Image47   Cutting to the chase, since this idea woke me up this morning any 0430, I am going to create an ongoing Saturday Morning Cartoon Challenge! If it is just me sharing memories with a few people on the internet every week then my dream will be accomplished.

   The rules are simple. Use the hashtag “#SaturdayMorningCartoons”, share a memory, a photo, drawing, or link to a blog, podcast or video that takes us all back to those amazing days of yesteryear. Even commercials or printed adds for shows are valid. Anything really. Share then challenge a friend to share their memories. Let’s all share and Take Back Saturday Mornings ourselves.

    From traditional live action to CGI, and everything in between. Imported and domestic, it’s all Saturday Morning to me.

    My memories are vast on this subject. The one that stands out most is on morning in 1981 or 1982, I got up excited to see my favorite show, of the moment, ‘Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends’! I did what I normally did, line up my morning cookies in the ledge where the TV was sitting. You see, I would do this every week, like clockwork. Then I would go back to the kitchen to get my milk, I can’t stand the idea of milk now but then it was my go-to morning drink, unless I could sneak a Coke. Anyhow, I make it back to the TV to discover that ALL of my Cookies are missing! Well it didn’t take me long to figure out who the culprit was…

The Original Blackjack

  Backjack, the first, had also discerned my weekly patterns and had hatched a plot to abscond with my morning snacks. I replaced them, laid on the floor with him and watched the show. Those were great times and he was an awesome friend, even though he had that habit of pilfering my goodies.

  Speaking about Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, watch a video of Mike, from RetroBlasting, talk about the show in depth. It is an awesome watch.