Best Read of the Day: Doctor Strange Comics A Reader’s Guide to the Mystic Arts


   The Geeks over at Den of Geek put together this reader’s guide last year. Now is the time, with the movie coming out, to get caught up on Marvel’s Sorcerer Supreme. As a character concept, I’ve always loved Doctor Strange. He has a great design, a smashing origin and, with Ditko’s art, some wild adventures. The books after the 1970’s have fallen flat for me from time to time while the animated feature from 2007 was a great adaption that I enjoyed. With the new movie on the horizon I am anticipating a great visual mind bender.

   While you wait for Benedict Cumberbatch to hit screens in the Doctor Strange movie, we’ve got all the Marvel Universe comics to check out.

Source: Doctor Strange Comics: A Reader’s Guide to the Mystic Arts