#StarWars Action Figures Doing What They Do Best




Source: Star Wars Action Figures Doing What They Do Best @ RATHER CHILDISH « OUT OF PRINT MAGAZINE

   There are a few great photos in the article linked to above. It is one of the few places that you can still find a few of these awesome images. The article links to a retired WordPress blog by Rather Childish. The owner took all of the photos down back in June of 2014. Originally, there were over 200 images hosted on his blog, I hope he decides to republish them somewhere.


Photos by Rather Childish


As a digital image hoarder, I have an archive of them and they are brilliant. At the moment they are running in a loop on my Chromecast while I am not watching anything. I would repost them for posterity but there is a reason why Rather Childish pulled his images from public access and I won’t go against that.

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  1. Hey Darran! It’s Pete, the Photographer behind the Rather Childish photos. Thanks for keeping the torch lit, it really means a lot to me when the photos get some appreciation. Keep your eye out for a reboot of the site in 2016. They’ve been out of circulation for too long. Thanks again.

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