My Collection: New Focus, #StarWars (SHOCKING, I know)


   Narrowing my collection’s focus by expanding my collecting horizons.

   What the heck does that even mean? Well since becoming employed full time again, I have been slowly re-acquiring my collection, not so much comic books that I had to sell, but the toys that I grew up with. Some of the items I want are just too far above my price point. What’s my “price point”? Anything thing that doesn’t make me cringe. I look at things as “how many HOURS of labor will this thing cost me?”. Considering I am not in my actual field of work and I don’t really enjoy what I do, it is a valid mark for if an item has any worth for me. It doesn’t help that I live in an area that isn’t the best for swap-meets or other avenues that some have for great bargains.


   Higher dollar items, such as Shogun Warriors, Kenner Star Wars vehicles, Micronauts, etc, are just insane right now. They don’t even need to be in acceptable condition for somebody to try to price gouge. I won’t go off on the same old rant that you can find peppered throughout my earlier posts, but I’ll end this sentence decrying people who grossly overcharge for shipping.


   On to it already! OK, ok… So I am going to focus on some of the less expensive, yet beloved items from the old Kenner to the new Hasbro. I am speaking of DROIDS, of course. They are not too expensive and the second hand ones have been played with the least. Another bonus to collecting droids is that a majority of the loose figures are complete as, for the most part, they all came without any accessories.

   Don’t get me wrong. If I have a chance to collect some of the other things I mentioned earlier, I would in a heartbeat. For now I am going to enjoy something that I can afford, and be able to afford something that I can thoroughly enjoy.



   My newest droid is a Death Star Droid, a.k.a. the RA-7 protocol droid. A bit worse for wear but I dig it. Now, other than a 3¾” BB-8, I am on the hunt for both a Treadwell and a CZ-4 droid.