Star Wars: There Has Been a Re-Awakening


   I am not a huge fan of crowds, for a few reasons, so I wanted to wait to see the newest episode of the Star Wars saga. Apart from people walking in front of us, crinkling chip bags/candy wrappers, and random coughing throughout the theater… we loved the movie. Surprisingly, we had been able to steer clear of “spoilers”. It meant that there was no watching of Collider’s Jedi Council, Popcorn Talk’s Jedi Alliance, and my favorite podcast Force Center Pod’s Spotlight Star Wars. Those programs have been a constant companion in my world and they had been missed.

Featured Image SW-TFA

   All that being said… We LOVED the film! I would have paid three times the price to be able to stream it at home, but that goes back to the dislike of crowds. The movie didn’t ape the Original Trilogy but there were echoes of it. There were moments that I didn’t dig, not many but there were a few. I enjoyed the pace, creatures, action, and content. Anything beyond that would be divulging too much.


   Needless to say, I’ll be owning this one on BluRay and in Digital format as soon as I can.