New Design For 2016


 As you can see, if you’ve been here before, I’ve changed things up a bit. I am not really sure that I am doing this site for anybody but myself lately, so this is a post to myself saying that I’ve updated the site’s design 😉 So, just incase you are not me, and you have noticed a change… well this post is rather pointless because you’ve already noticed, therefor you need not be informed. Inversely, if you’ve never been here, Welcome, and this site used to look differently… again, pointless.

Recycled background from one of my older personal sites.

   Either way, I like to share and connect with others who enjoy the things I do. Join the conversation here, Facebook or Twitter. I am not out to collect “likes”, “fans” or “followers”, I am looking for a few good friends who have something interesting to say from any point of view 🙂

   I am also cleaning house a bit so there will be some content culling over the next few days. Nothing major, but very necessary.

   Happy New Year, Live Long, Prosper, and May the Force Be With You… Always.

    ~ D