It’s Been a Difficult Week…


    I’d like to step away from my normal subjects to say something about real-world events. Technically it isn’t that I would “like” to as much as I need to. Pardon my incoherent babble and please bear with me.

   What is there to say. We lost quite a few people (public figures) to cancer this week. Each had a different form of cancer but it was still cancer, none the less. I had a moment when I wept for David, well not as much for him but for the losses that my family has went through. Listening to his music helped me out a bit. Then we lost Alan and it was a shock, same age and all. Today it’s Dan.


    I would be remiss if I didn’t say something about Dan. Dan Haggerty, Grizzly Adams. I was seven when I was introduced to the world of this gentle gentleman giant who was a friend to nature as well as his fellow man. His friendship with a great Grizzly Bear named “Ben” was mesmerizing to my younger self. Before the cruelty of the world forged me into the cynical bastard that I became, I wanted to be like this great man. I wanted to be everythings friend. If Dan’s passing has done anything, other than increase my sorrow, it has also rekindled my desire for that outlook and kindness in my life.

   Each one of these individuals contributed something to my life, and I thank them deeply for that.

   There were also others who have passed this week. Some who where known my many and some who were known by a few. I cannot eulogise them all, and I won’t. All I can say is be kind to others and appreciate those who are here, now.