Kamen Rider 1 movie news!

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   Apart from everything looking like a over glorified toy commercial in all the newer incarnations for the Kamen Rider, the concept sounds cool. I am constantly afflicted with the nostalgia bug and this is the medication that I need. When they brought back all of the Ultramen a few years ago, I almost had a nerd overload!


The following information has now been released:
Hongo Takeshi/Kamen Rider 1 returns to Japan in order to protect Mayu Tachibana, his former friend and mentor’s (Tachibana Tobei) granddaughter. He  he meets the Ghost Riders, Takeru and Makoto who have been investigating her.
kr1 1Meanwhile, the evil terrorist organization Shocker, lead by Ambassador Hell, continues their plan to conquer the world and begins to target Mayu.
kr1 2
Also a new faction, Nova Shocker arises and is lead by former Shocker mutants Igura (Nao Nagasawa), Urga (Tsuyoshi Abe) and Buffal (Kozo Takeda) – they are also after Mayu.
kr1 3kr1 4
Written by Toshiki Inoue and Hiroshi Fujioka and directed by Osamu Kaneda, Kamen Rider 1 The movie will premiere in Japanese cinemas on 26th March 2016.
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