A Very Quantum Multiverse Anniversary


   A few years ago, 3 to be exact, I created Quantum Multiverse. There was an existing blog before this one that I mainly used to post about things that my wife and I were selling on Etsy.  That along with my older sites, namely DimensionalZen(dot)Com, and a few others that I’ve done over the two decades that I have been playing around on the interwebs, are the forerunners for this one. What makes Quantum Multiverse any different from those others? Other than being tied to a few different social media outlets, not much is different.


   To be very honest, I’ve stuck with this site, concept, as a creative outlet. It fits that role very nicely in my life. I don’t feel the need to be heard but I do have a desire to share and, perhaps, make connections with new friends who like the same sort of things that I do.

I created this banner for my, long gone, Yahoo Gro
Collectors of Protoculture, a Yahoo Group, was my first foray into the social geek outreach.

   So join me in celebrating Three Years of being, somewhat, stable 😜 It doesn’t pay much. It’s sporaticle. It’s my hobby, and I dig it. I hope that you do too!


Here is the very first image that I posted on a web page back in 1995!

Until next time,

   Live long, Prosper, and May the Force be with you… Always 🖖🏾