Happy 99th Birthday Jack Kirby

From Sandman #1. Always been a favorite of mine since I was a child. 

   Jack Kirby. Jack KING Kirby. It’s important to note that he was one of the MOST influential artists in the comic book industry. If not one of than THE most. His style is the most recognisable and elements of it can be found in many of my favorite artists of my youth and even today. c5581e612e6e88254865d3aed746a312
Jack made comic books into action packed movies on a page. There was both motion and emotion in every panel that he drew. Going from another artist’s book to a Kirby comic was like going from playing nothing but flat side scroller video games, to playing an immersive 3D game. He has left his mark on the Pop Art world and he will always be number one in my book.

   Today would have been Jack’s 99th birthday. Pick up a Kirby comic, share it with friends, celebrate the great art and stories that he left as his legacy to all of us.



A character I did, years ago, in my best Kirby style. Still falls way too short 😉

   Thanks, Jack.