The Last Ninja (1983)

   Apart from a few of the more sensationalistic moments of the film, and the trope of a caucasian male inheriting the “power” of the Ninja, this is a pretty good film. It modernizes traditional training, endurance training. It has Mako, what else could you ask for 😉

   There wasn’t any training in any of the Ryuha on screen, but they captured the essence of the Shinobi in a small way. I grew up as a Ninja fan, heck it was my gateway into the martial world in the mid 80’s. I won’t bore you with the names and detail, but it was a fun ride. In 2010, I finally found a teacher of the Bujinkan’s (武神館) 9 schools. Long story short, after  25 years of training, I finally found my home in Budo Taijutsu. Three years later, I had my Shodan license, and I still know very little.

   Watch the movie and enjoy!

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  1. Very good movie. The ninja way was well done portraited in this movie. Do you know if have a way to download de complete soundrack?

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