Star Wars Rebels: Inside Man


   I am not one of those detractors of the series who whines about the kid friendly content. The series airs on DISNEY X/D, a children’s network. There has been some silly moments and outright comedic ones this season. The “Inside Man” has very little light hearted humor. It is a dark episode that should make my friends on the Force Center Podcast and Collider’s Jedi Council pretty happy ( some of the aforementioned whiners😁). I have nothing but love for those folks.


   Back to it. This episode has something that many of the animated Star Wars shows have, that is consequences. Battles are never fought without loss. No escape-pods, sci-fi’s version of the parachutes that you would always see in every episode of “G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero” cartoons of the 80’s. Nope. People die. It’s not all about collateral damage of property. There is a price to pay. The main lesson is that war sucks, and sane people don’t beat drums while they march, merrily into battle.

   We are back on Lothal, and it still seems a bit light on background characters. Lothal must be like a ghost planet, nobody wishes to live there. Thrawn is in full effect this week, and his Art Collection has expanded in an interesting direction. There is no doubting is tactical and analytical brilliance. We learn who the new Fulcrum is… No spoilers here. Those are the outstanding points this week. Some great action takes place, and I cannot say much more lest I spoil the episode for you.


   Until next time. MTFBWY.