Kenner’s 1979 Battle Damaged X-Wing

You are cleared for landing, Red 5.

    This last week I finally picked up my very first Kenner X-Wing. This isn’t the 1978 version, it’s the one from 1979. It has the, what seems like the much maligned, “Battle Damage” stickers applied, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The cannons are a bit bent, and the cockpit will open but will fall off if you push it back too far.  I had the Millennium Falcon, a TIE Interceptor, a Twin-Pod Cloud Car, the AT-AT (@@), and an AT-ST when I was a kid. I never owned an X-Wing. Later on I picked up a Micro Collection one, along with some Micro Machine versions. I sold them all, along with a great 2003 Dagobah version that I picked up just for resale (oh the regrets, but it was how I made a living for a while).

Red 5, Standing By.

   I picke this up on ebay as a celebratory gift for myself for my recent raise at work. The ebay seller was kind  enough to include the Rebel Pilot Luke Skywalker. It saved me from having to hunt another one down. It’s not mint. It doesn’t have the original packaging. It IS complete AND the wing function works, along with the battery operated sound/light feature. For the price I payed, it cannot be beaten.

Stand By Alert, Death Star Approaching…

   It wasn’t the version I was going for, but it is awesome nonetheless. My collecting has been winding down over the course of the year, and this just may be my last piece for some time to come. With all of the new stuff coming out, I’ve had to keep myself in check since it is all too expensive for the flooded market, cheap quality items that are being pumped out. For a while, I really wanted a Poe Dameron Resistance X-Wing, but at the high price tag I couldn’t justify buying one. You can see what I did with the same amount of money that would have paid for Poe’s ship. I have to say that I am very happy with my decision.

   Until next time, switch all power to Front Deflector Screens, and Stay On Target!