Going Back in Time in order to Catch Up


  Earlier today I delved back into some old audio adventures, beginning with Hornet’s Nest. Back in 2009, the BBC released some new Doctor Who adventures starring Tom Baker. They were, and still are, amazing! Age had not dulled Tom’s portrayal of the age old Time Lord one bit. I began to relisten to these because I am planning on purchasing more of these types from the good people at Big Finish Productions. I’ve already purchased a few, years ago. Their quality is on par with that of the BBC releases, perhaps even better, and they have a vast library of shows to choose from.

Coming in January 2017 from Big Finish!

   During my work days of marketing mayhem, spreadsheets and numbers, I listen to some great podcasts and the occasional audio book. It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to Tom’s adventures and I was delighted to find that he has been quite busy since I last heard one.

   This year, I’ll be catching up with My Doctor, as he helps me through my work days. I do hope he has an extra bag of Jelly Babies for me 😁👍

Cheers, and may the Fourth be with you!

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