The Key Difference Between the Heroes of Marvel & DC.


   After hearing about Joss Whedon’s being brought onboard by Warner Bros. for finishing the JLA movie. Jessica Chobot, of Nerdist News, reported that Scott Snyder had called in Whedon to help with something on the production way before his needed exit.

Whedon is awesome at directing interpersonal relationships. He can humanize what appears to be beyond human. On the whole this is what Marvel has excelled at. Marvel humanizes their characters. They make them imperfect. They have weaknesses and human failings.


   The heroes of DC are akin to gods. From time to time, depending on creative team, they take time out to live a normal day, or moment. I’m thinking about Oneil and Adam’s “Hard Traveling Heroes” of the 70’s. Those stories were few and far between in the DC Universe. These heroes are less relatable to humanity. There are pros and cons to this method of storytelling. Remember that even the Greeks told tales of their gods where they all had failings, unlike other cultures who came after and created perfect beings. Perfection is boring in the long run but, in shorts spurts, it can be fun.


   I am interested to see how Joss makes these characters more relatable, and even more likable. His ability to break tension with humor has to be a superpower, and he wields it well. Basically I would love to see heroes dealing with issues that we all experience, every day, along with trying to save the world. It’s a lot to ask from somebody, but they are heroes and that comes with the territory.

(note: I have yet to see Wonder Woman. It looks marvelous, and I cannot wait to see it)