Spider-Man: We Can Rebuild Him…


   After some successful repairs on a few “Masters of the Universe” figures, I decided to branch out into other makes and models of vintage toys. I picked this guy up on eBay this last week in this condition. The outfit is in decent condition, with only a few areas in need of stitching. On YouTube, I located a video for restringing Mego figures on RetroBlasting‘s channel. They made an easy-to-follow video that helped me get this guy back in shape.


   Well, the short of it… Spider-Man is in one piece again. I lost my original in a move sometime in 1974, as far as I can recollect. The only other Mego I had was a Batman. Perhaps I’ll pick one of those up as well, but I may not stop there 😉

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  1. Great post. I love that you have the photo as heartwarming evidence. I have a photo of me wearing a Ben Cooper Superman costume while holding a Robin Mego figure. Great memories. I’m curious if my Spider-Man is in a box somewhere. Hmmmm.

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